I'm Alice, founder of digital stationery brand InMotion Planner. Since I was a teenager, planners have been a passion of mine . Writing on paper to organize my days, writing down my thoughts and dreams, has become an important element in my life.

Planners have become the main tool to help me carry out my personal and professional projects. Over the years, I have accumulated a large collection of paper diaries and notebooks.

With InMotion Planner, I created a digital alternative for stationery lovers like me. My goal is to combine the practicality of a digital planner with the beauty and personalization of a paper planner. My company offers digital tools that allow my clients to plan their lives efficiently and aesthetically, using modern and stylish designs.

I'm proud of my creation and look forward to sharing InMotion Planner with those looking for a digital alternative to traditional stationery.


Paper notebooks since my adolescence


In my lifelong passion for discovery, I embarked on a decluttering journey. I realized that to lighten my mental and material load, I needed to rethink how I interacted with the objects around me.

One of the first steps in this process was transitioning from paper to digital. I turned to alternatives such as the Kindle and iPad to replace my physical books and paper documents. This change allowed me to free up physical space while still maintaining access to an infinite virtual library.

The shift to digital provided me with increased flexibility and mobility. I could carry hundreds of books in a single device, significantly reducing the weight of my bag and simplifying my travels. Additionally, the ability to take notes and highlight passages directly on the screen offered a more interactive and enriching reading and note-taking experience.


The creator of InMotion Planner

How did I get started with the digital planner?

As a lover of paper and handwriting, I was skeptical about going digital. However, in my quest to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, I discovered tablets and digital planners .

After weighing the pros and cons, I decided to make the leap to digital. I still remember the first digital planner I bought and the almost magical feeling of finding a solution adapted to my new lifestyle!

From now on, my digital planners on iPad are my companions in my entrepreneurial life. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I've made to simplify my life while staying organized.

You can join me in my creative process and learn more about digital planning by following me on Instagram @inmotionplanner .

Live life on the move with InMotion Planner

How did I get the idea to create the InMotion Planner brand?

To be honest, any change takes time to come to fruition, and this was also the case for me after discovering digital planning in spring 2019. For a long time, I continued to use both digital and paper planners , because the paper versions were often more interesting (since it is a much larger market).

I found it difficult to find a model that suited me perfectly, and I realized that the planner you enjoy using is essential to maintaining daily writing discipline.

As a lover of stylish, minimalist, exceptional quality planners and notebooks, I've been inspired by several incredible stationery brands. This is how the idea of ​​creating InMotion Planner was born - a digital stationery brand that combines the elegance and simplicity of paper with the convenience and flexibility of digital planning.

I was looking for a personalized planner for each goal or project, a tool that would allow me to efficiently organize my travels, my blog posts, my grateful thoughts, my wellness activities, my intentions, my finances, or even to guide in creating a business. Unfortunately, finding French options was even more difficult.

My paper notebooks in Montreal

My click

I am an architecture graduate with several years of experience in this field in Montreal, my adopted city. However, my trajectory took a significant turn when I launched into entrepreneurship by creating InMotion Planner.

It all started in April 2021, when this idea emerged, an idea that would transform my life. I gave birth to the digital stationery brand InMotion Planner, designed to help those who, like me, aspire to embrace a resolutely “zero paper” lifestyle.

Creating quality products is important to me and my main motivation. My fundamental objective is to provide powerful tools in French, as well as tailor-made solutions, to support everyone in managing their time and planning their personal and professional aspirations.

A key moment in my preparation was my participation in a training course led by the creator of the English-speaking brand The Pink Ink , an opportunity which allowed me to forge in-depth expertise in the design of digital planners, finely balancing aesthetics. and functionality.

After many months of effort where I studied the business model, followed specialized training, developed the brand identity, set up the website, designed the content and developed the products, the long-awaited moment is arrived in November 2021. That's when I proudly presented the first ever collection of digital planners and notebooks, marking the inauguration of InMotion Planner.

Creating a digital stationery brand

My mission

Today, I continue to work to constantly improve myself in order to offer you the best digital stationery and personal development products. I firmly believe in the value of planning and effective time management to improve quality of life and achieve goals. I believe that technology combined with handwriting can help simplify our lives and free us from physical, emotional and mental clutter.

My mission is to provide high-quality digital tools to help people better plan, organize and accomplish their tasks.

I strive to constantly innovate to offer aesthetic and inspired products. I am committed to InMotion Planner customers and want to provide them with a unique and exceptional experience with my brand .

Finally, my satisfaction comes from seeing my clients achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life thanks to InMotion Planner's digital products.

Visit the store and discover the collections!

  • Alice la fondatrice de InMotion Planner à Montréal

    Brazilian & Montrealer

    As a Brazilian, I grew up in Fortaleza, a sunny city in the northeast of Brazil. In 2012, I made the decision to continue my studies and live in Montreal. Since then, this city has become my favorite destination in the whole world and a place where I feel at home.

  • Fondatrice de InMotion Planner


    My first passion was architecture, so I studied in that field. In Montreal, I had the chance to work on various large-scale projects. In this field, organization, creativity, respect for deadlines and productivity are key elements for success. This allowed me to develop these skills that helped me accomplish my tasks successfully.

  • Voyager et faire du journaling avec un planner digital


    I am a travel enthusiast and have already visited more than 20 countries around the world. I especially love places that combine a laid-back tropical vibe, rich architecture, ocean views, and delicious food. For me, it's the perfect combination for a memorable stay.

  • Experiences

    I am eager for adventures and unique discoveries, whether it is learning to kitesurf, diving into the seabed, exploring the pyramids, climbing Mount Batur, observing manta rays or contemplate the glaciers of Patagonia. For me, every travel experience is an opportunity to experience something new and unforgettable.

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