Getting started with a digital planner

The digital planner is a practical tool to improve your productivity and simplify your time management. On this page, you will find the information you need to discover digital stationery and get started with your digital planner today!

Digital agenda - how to get started with a digital planner

What is a digital diary?

Digital planners, also known as digital planners, are designed to look like traditional paper planners. They are available as PDF files , which you can import into a note-taking app on your tablet.

Unlike electronic calendars like the Google calendar or Notion, digital planners are intended to be used intuitively , like a paper notebook.

Although digital planners look a lot like traditional paper planners you can buy at a stationery store, they are available in PDF format on your iPad or tablet.

You can import these PDF files into your favorite note-taking app and customize them to your style. The best advantage of using a digital planner is that you can take it with you anywhere.

Digital planners also come with built-in hyperlinks, making it easy to navigate between different pages and tabs with just one click.

Why should I switch to paperless planning?

  1. Digital planners are practical tools to help you strategize and organize your schedule and projects in all areas of your life .
  2. Digital diaries (digital planners) are easy to access and portable , so they will save you space in your daily life and in your handbag!
  3. With digital planning you combine the feeling of paper with the practicality of digital . You'll see your own writing and thoughts, not just text written on the keyboard.
  4. Easily sync and share your calendar across all your devices with cloud storage on your device.
  5. Digital products (diaries, notebooks and notebooks) are customizable and you can add pages, stickers, colors according to your specific needs.
  6. Instead of irreversible pen marks in your planner, you can easily undo an action or use the erase tool .
  7. Using a digital calendar will save you time since you can copy and paste or quickly search your calendar!
  8. Going paperless is an ecological alternative , it means you save trees and help the environment.
digital planner with iPad

How to use a digital planner?

Here are the 4 things you will need to get started:

  1. A tablet or iPad
  2. A stylus for your tablet/iPad
  3. A note-taking application (available on the IOS or Android store)
  4. Templates in PDF format with hyperlinks, which you can find in our online store .

Note that our products are digital diaries and notebooks in PDF format, as well as digital stickers in PNG format. We do not offer software or applications for tablets or iPads.

To use our products (PDF or PNG files), you need to download a note-taking application to your tablet or computer via the IOS or Android online store. You can use our products with any application and on any device that supports PDF files.

Once you have installed the app and know how it works, you can purchase one of our digital products to get the most out of it.

Simply import the PDF documents or PNG images into your application to personalize them as you would with a paper planner.

Choosing a notes app

Before making a purchase from our store, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the note-taking application you wish to use and ensure that it is compatible with your devices.

Each application has its own features for annotating your diary or digital notebook. You can use a compatible stylus to write by hand by selecting the "pen" option or use the keyboard by choosing the "text box" option.

Our digital planners are designed with integrated hyperlinks that allow you to easily navigate between pages and different tabs with just one click! Most applications allow you to click on hyperlinks.

To use hyperlinks, you must put your note-taking application in “read-only” mode, for example with Goodnotes (our favorite application).

The choice of notes app is personal and depends on your devices. We advise you to test several applications on your tablet to ensure that it meets your expectations.

For more information, read the article: Understanding digital planners: your introduction to digital planning .

Test a free product!

Visit our free digital planner page to have all the information.

    GoodNotes 5 meilleure app de prise de notes

    Which note-taking applications to use a digital planner?


    Here is a ( non-exhaustive ) list of applications that work with digital calendars for your iPad or tablet for:

    IOS (Apple):

    IOS, Android and Windows:

    Android only:

    Although GoodNotes is now available on Android and Windows, this version is not ideal for digital planning due to the lack of hyperlink support.

    A collection to help you get organized


    InMotion Planner planners and journals are essentially a PDF version of an actual planner. The big difference is that digital diaries or digital planners, instead of being on paper, are on your iPad in PDF format.

    The InMotion Planner brand combines design and functionality with personalized products, including planners, journals and stickers, all in digital format . Our minimalist designs also leave room for customization according to your personal style.

    All of our product collections are designed to help you free up your paper documents . You can organize every aspect of your life to be more productive every day.

    And the best part: you can take your diary with you everywhere!

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    A Facebook group of enthusiasts

    The community

    I created a Facebook group to bring together other iPad and tablet planning enthusiasts. This space is ideal for finding resources and planning tips.

    This is a support group where you are encouraged to share your note-taking ideas, digital planning and organization tips with a digital planner, as well as ask any questions you may have.

    The aim is to help and encourage everyone to get the most out of their digital planner on an iPad or tablet.

    I invite you to join us and actively participate in our discussions!

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