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Positive Routine Journal - 90 days

Positive Routine Journal - 90 days

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The Positive Routine Journal - 90 days (PDF file) is the perfect tool to maintain a daily practice of tracking your goals, reflection, and gratitude. Explore this morning empowerment and nightly reflection companion, enriched with morning and nightly pages providing guided experience for your days and nights.

At the end, discover four pages of notes, each with its own style - lined, dotted, grid, and blank - offering personalized space for your thoughts, memories, and creativity. Use these sections as space to write your goals and express your uniqueness, cultivating a fulfilling life.

Start your personal development journey today with this unique journal, designed to accompany your next 90 days of positivity and personal growth.

This digital PDF journal seamlessly integrates with your favorite note-taking app on iPad or Android tablet, perfect for convenient and flexible use.

Experience the powerful benefits of daily journaling, which promotes mental clarity, deep reflection, and the creation of a clear personal vision for a more fulfilling life.


  • 180 daily pages for morning and evening practice over 90 days
  • 2 guide pages and 2 pages with examples
  • 4 note page templates for optimal customization
  • 6 cover pages for an attractive visual experience
  • 2 included PDF files: 1) white day pages and gray evening pages, 2) white day pages and black evening pages
  • Reuse the file every 90 days.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    The best tool that inmotion planner has created

    For me it is the best tool that Alice created this journal it is my everyday companion it is part of my routine it is a real pleasure to find it every morning and evening to fill it and clear my head with my emotions my ideas my objectives it's the place where I put everything on digital paper without thinking I write like that comes to me a real notebook that you have to have with you.

    Awesome, Daniela!! Thank you for this testimony. This is exactly the purpose of this little product, to support you in your aspirations and help you free your ideas. A very happy new year 2024. Let’s continue writing daily! Alice

    Ambroise Debret
    The 90 day diary of my dreams 🤩

    I've been looking for this 90-day journal for a long time, until I had the opportunity to collaborate on it with Alice as an InMotionPlanner subscriber!

    I've been using it every day for over a year, and it's not about to change!

    Just awesome !

    Just awesome ! It allowed me to lay the foundations, to set myself new goals but above all to stick to them! It is simple but above all pleasant to use, digital technology allows me to take it everywhere with me! 🥰

    Caro GL (Ace of Caro)
    💫 Gratitude and review of the past 90 days 💫

    💫 Gratitude and assessment of the past 90 days 💫 This 90-day InMotion Planner journal allowed me to calm down my mind and my intentions, to gauge my goals and above all to calm down my mind (which sometimes is super intrusive). 90 days not perfect and sometimes forgetting but clearly I made it to the end! And that alone feels really good! (And tomorrow I'm leaving for 90 days! 💫🦋) I needed this time of reflection to move forward, plan, question myself about what I leave behind me, what I keep with me! My different hats are sometimes damaged or mixed up and sometimes I even forget a base: I forget myself! It was an opportunity for me to put everything back together and it's perfect because it's back to school in a few days (the timing!) VERY HAPPY SUNDAY!

    It's perfect.

    I got it thanks to a competition, organized by Alice. What I like about this Journal is that you can use it for any purpose. For example, I use it for my weight loss and it's great because we can define different levels/objectives, over 3 months, and monitor it monthly and daily. It's perfect.