Découvrez les nouvelles fonctionnalités d’IA dans Goodnotes 6 pour une productivité ultime

Discover The New AI Features in Goodnotes 6 for Ultimate Productivity

The world of electronic note-taking applications is constantly changing, with users looking for substantial improvements to optimize their workflow and increase their productivity tenfold. In this context, the announcement of the major update of Goodnotes , the reference in note-taking, aroused palpable enthusiasm among ardent followers of digital productivity. Goodnotes 6 has made a splash on the scene, accompanied by a range of revolutionary new features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), all designed to redefine the way we design and organize our notes.

Whether you're a student, professional, or creative, at InMotion Planner, I share your passion for digital planning. That's why I'm excited to share with you the feats of the upgrade from GoodNotes 5 to Goodnotes 6 and the ways in which this revolutionary update promises to push the boundaries of your note-taking experience. Without further ado, let's explore what Goodnotes 6 has to offer InMotion Planner users.

In the following lines, I introduce you to these exciting new AI-powered features in Goodnotes 6 and analyze their impact on the user experience.

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What’s new in Goodnotes 6: redesigned interface and sleek design

With the launch of Goodnotes 6, the distinctions between this version and GoodNotes 5 are immediately revealed, promising even more innovations in future updates. Goodnotes 6 stands out with its redesigned user interface, providing a smoother and more accessible browsing experience. A newly introduced sidebar allows instant access to various sections such as documents, search and market. Additionally, the toolbar icons have been revamped for a modern and attractive aesthetic.

GoodNotes 6's redesigned interface with a modernized sidebar and icons.

During the transition to Goodnotes 6, the design is changing significantly. Its user interface has been carefully reworked to ensure an intuitive and streamlined experience. Modernized icons and an optimized layout of elements simplify navigation. This visual review aims to immerse users in their workflows, eliminating distractions to promote focus and efficiency.

New writing gestures

Goodnotes 6: new features

Goodnotes 6 pushes the limits of the writing experience with new gestures. Now “scribble to erase” allows you to correct a mistake by simply scribbling over it with the pen, eliminating the need to switch to the eraser tool. Additionally, the “circle to lasso” gesture allows you to select an item by drawing a circle around it, providing a convenient alternative to the traditional lasso tool. The latest addition is “Math Conversion,” which transforms your handwritten equations into typed text, merging handwriting with artificial intelligence.

AI for perfect note-taking and assisted writing

Screenshot showing AI-assisted text entry in GoodNotes 6, with completion suggestions.

Goodnotes 6 takes a leap forward by integrating artificial intelligence to optimize handwritten text entry, bringing a new dimension to the experience. Imagine writing your notes while enjoying smooth auto-correction and receiving relevant suggestions to complete your sentences. This feature, initially available in English, German, Spanish and Dutch, promises to fundamentally transform our approach to capturing ideas and information.

Integrating AI into the writing process is a crucial step taken by Goodnotes 6. This version introduces AI-assisted writing tools, starting with the spell check feature. Now, any spelling error is indicated by a red line alerting the user, and a simple touch allows you to choose the appropriate correction. Plus, “Autoword Completion” makes writing easier by offering suggestions based on your own writing style.

These advances demonstrate Goodnotes 6's commitment to making note-taking more fluid, precise and efficient , whatever your area of ​​use. The possibilities offered by AI open up new ways to fully exploit the potential of your notes, and allow you to focus more on content rather than technique.

The magic of mathematical conversion

Goodnotes 6's AI doesn't stop there. Math lovers will be delighted by the recognition of mathematical equations. Now your hand-drawn equations can be automatically converted to text notation, simplifying note-taking during class sessions or technical meetings. This feature, although initially limited to English , opens the door to deeper learning and sharing potential.

Personalization at its peak

Goodnotes 6 offers deep customization with a library of templates, from lined paper to graph paper. You can choose the size, shape, background color and lines to create the perfect note-taking environment for you.

Even easier organization

The ability to stay organized is essential, and Goodnotes 6 makes this easy with folder customization. You can organize your folders by color and add icons for a personal touch. A new feature, the “Integrated Marketplace,” provides subscribers with access to exclusive content and discounts, including digital supplies and interactive exam exercises.

An overview of pricing

Let's start by addressing an important topic: the pricing of Goodnotes 6. With its launch, this new version has sparked a lot of discussion around its pricing structure. If you're considering upgrading to Goodnotes 6, be aware that there are fees involved, even if you were already a paying GoodNotes 5 user.

There are two options: an annual subscription for USD 9.99 (CAD 12.99) or a one-time purchase for USD 29.99 (CAD 31.00). A free version is also available, but it is limited to three notebooks. If you have already purchased GoodNotes 5, you will receive discounts ranging from 20% to 100%, depending on the date of your purchase . All information about these discounts is available on the Goodnotes website .

If you prefer not to upgrade to Goodnotes 6 immediately, you can continue to use GoodNotes 5 , but you will not have access to new features and updates.

Exciting prospects

In addition to these current features, Goodnotes promises other improvements to come, such as password-protected notebooks, a pencil tool, and internal links between pages. This constant evolution delights us, as fans of digital planning, and we look forward to what the future holds.

Update for Windows and Android

A new era begins for Goodnotes with the availability of version 6 for Windows and Android. While GoodNotes 5 was previously limited to iOS and Mac users, this new version expands access to an even wider audience. Synchronization possible between all products in the Apple universe, including the iPad, iPhone and Mac, is now possible between Windows and Android platforms.

Although synchronization between iOS, Windows and Android is not yet possible , it is expected that a future update will make this feature accessible. This expansion will open up new opportunities for Goodnotes 6 users, allowing them to capture and access their notes seamlessly and consistently across different platforms. The versions for Android and Windows do not yet offer the ability to access hyperlinks, which may make their use less suitable for digital planning.

Adaptation of AI features for French-speaking users

It's important to note that some AI-powered features are currently only available in English, German, Spanish, and Dutch. French-speaking users can therefore wait for future updates which will allow more complete use of these advanced features. If you're hesitant to upgrade, know that GoodNotes 5 remains a viable option, especially if you prefer to wait until these features are available in your language.


In summary, Goodnotes 6 delivers a state-of-the-art digital note-taking experience tailored to the needs of students, professionals, and creatives. With transparent pricing, advanced features like writing gestures, AI integration, and deep customization, Goodnotes 6 is a must-have for those looking to optimize their note-taking experience. I can't wait to see how this version will evolve and integrate into our daily lives as digital planners.

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Goodnotes 6 Update ✨ ✍🏽: New Prices, Features & Impressions!

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