Les fonctionnalités de GoodNotes pour une planification au top

GoodNotes 5 Features For Top-Notch Planning

Find out how to optimize your planning with GoodNotes by exploring its key features. In this article on the features of GoodNotes 5 for top planning , you will find a complete presentation of the basic tools of GoodNotes 5 on iPad , the digital note-taking application to personalize all your documents.

Whether you use the in-app note pages or download templates for planners, notebooks, or other PDF documents, you can leverage the features of GoodNotes 5 to improve your productivity and creativity. Easily import PDF files for your note-taking, whether course texts, digital notebooks or digital planners.

To complement these features, the InMotion Planner store offers a range of planning and productivity products in digital format, perfectly compatible with GoodNotes. Browse this article to learn how to use GoodNotes with detailed images to guide you. The images presented in this article illustrate the use of GoodNotes with products from the InMotion Planner store.

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How to use GoodNotes features

Digital stationery products like notebooks, notepads and planners are often interactive. That is to say, these documents have hypertext links. Hyperlinks help you quickly access certain pages in your document.

Once your file is opened in the application, it can be used in two distinct modes: read-only and edit.

It is in the editing mode that you can annotate and personalize your digital planner. In GoodNotes 5 , once this mode is selected in the second icon at the upper right corner , a menu bar appears. This is where the main features of GoodNotes 5 for note-taking are found.

Here are the 12 features of GoodNotes that will help you make better use of your planning documents:

1. Pen

This is the main feature of GoodNotes, and the feeling of writing is one of the best reasons to use this app.

To use the pen, select the second icon in the menu bar. If you press the icon again, a function settings menu is displayed.

Pen functionality with GoodNotes app InMotion Planner

In this menu you can choose from 3 types of pens: fountain pen, ballpoint pen and brush pen.

  • Fountain Pen : is sensitive to pressure, you will have a variation in thickness.
  • Ballpoint pen : no variation in thickness depending on pressure. This is my favorite for everyday notes.
  • Brush pen : is sensitive to pressure and suitable for more artistic strokes, ideal for calligraphy exercises.

In the pen menu, you will also find the draw and hold option which allows you to have perfect shapes by drawing and holding the pen at the end of drawing. Experiment with making straight lines, rectangles and circles.

In the advanced options, fill color adds a transparent color inside the shape you have just created.

In the right corner of the menu bar you have line thickness options . You can select your 3 preferred thicknesses for quick access.

line thickness options GoodNotes app

2. Shape Tool

The shape tool works like the “draw and hold” function but it's pretty automatic for every thing you draw, you create perfect lines and shapes by default. You can decide this in the settings, as well as activate the function  fill color » .

Trick : tap the shape to see the blue dots which allow you to edit the dimensions of the shape.

3. Highlighter

To use the highlighter function , click on the 4th icon in the menu bar. Just like the pen you can choose the color and thickness of the brush. As well as leaving your 3 favorite options within reach in the menu. Next, highlight the text or drawing in your digital planner or notebook.

Double click on the highlighter function to see the settings menu appear, here you have the option to draw in a straight line. At the end of your trace, hold the pressure and the line becomes perfectly straight .

highlighter feature on GoodNotes

4. Eraser

To access the “eraser” function, tap the eraser icon. You can choose the size that is more suitable for what you want to erase. The “eraser” tool only works with elements that you have written or drawn with the pen, shapes or highlighter.

Tips : With the 2nd generation Apple Pencil you can double-tap the stylus to switch between writing and erasing.

In the eraser function settings menu, you can choose “automatic deselection” , for automatically switch to pen or highlighter once you stop erasing. You also have the option to erase only the highlight without erasing the handwritten text underneath.

goodnotes for planning

5. Cancel option

The “cancel” option is one of the simplest and most practical to use. One of the reasons I hear most often from people who have adopted digital planning is not having scratches and having a clean planner. While other features can help you keep your planner organized, it's the "undo" tool that makes it quick when you're taking your notes.

Features of GoodNotes app


  • Find the reverse arrow (upper right corner)
  • Press it (as many times as necessary)
  • To redo something, tap the forward arrow to the right of it.

And you're done!

6. Lasso tool

This is my favorite feature in GoodNotes, you have so many possibilities with this tool!

You can use this function on all the items you have added to your digital calendar or notebook. To use this function, simply circle your writing, images, texts to be able to move them or use the secondary menu for other options.

digital planner with GoodNotes 5

lasso tool


  • Select the lasso icon (dotted circle);
  • Circle the items you want to change;
  • You can move them.

If you want to specify the elements to modify/move, you can choose them in the settings menu by clicking a second time on the function in the menu at the top.

Click a second time on the selection to see a secondary menu in black . This menu allows you to copy, cut, change color, etc.

To paste the items you have copied, use your finger and hold it until the black menu appears and then click “paste”.

7. Convert handwritten text

Sometimes it can happen that we take handwritten notes and then need to send them by email to a work colleague, for example. Of course, you can export your handwritten notes as is, but another even more interesting option is to convert them to text.

digital notepad convert text

To do this, you simply need select notes to convert using lasso tool (read the previous point). Afterwards, bring up the black menu by clicking on the selection and choosing the convert option .

convert text in GoodNotes 5

8. Input tool (text)

The typing tool is there for you, if you prefer to type your text on the keyboard. For example, when you want to use your calendar on your computer or mobile phone. Or if you don't have a stylus. Or for those who say that their writing is not beautiful.

write text on the goodnotes 5 keyboard

change the text in goodnotes app


  • Select the text icon;
  • Tap on the place you want to write Write using the keyboard;
  • You can write directly on iPad (with a virtual keyboard) or a Bluetooth keyboard.

Another magical option is writing with the “scribble” function , you write handwritten with your stylus and the writing is converted into text.

9. Add Images

I really like this function! I find it very nice to personalize my notes and diaries with photos of my routine and activities. It's a nice way to keep memories and decorate my notes.

add photos to goodnotes

add images to a digital planner


  • Select the image icon
  • Choose the image you want to use
  • Once the image appears, you can resize, crop or rotate as you wish.
  • To crop, use rectangle or hands-free mode.

10. Add new pages

Ah, this function is the real magic of digital note-taking ! Add pages endlessly.

  • Quite simply, go to a page in your calendar, click on the little + located in the upper right corner.
  • The “add page” settings menu appears.
  • Tap “before, after or last page” to choose the location of the new page.
  • Choose the current template to duplicate the current page.

add new pages in goodnotes

11. Use hyperlinks

If you use one of the products in the InMotion Planner store , you certainly have hyperlinks. Hyperlinks provide quick access to key pages in your document; they are created based on the file and cannot change even when you add new pages.

All GoodNotes features above (1-10) are located in editing mode . However, to use document hyperlinks, you need to be primarily in read-only mode . To activate this mode (or swipe from one mode to another), you need to click on the icon in the upper right corner (the second icon).

Once you are there, the edit bar disappears and you can move around by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Another way to do it, which I find particularly less practical, is to long press on a link when you are in edit mode and then on the “open link” button . This is an option, but slower.

Read-only mode:

read-only mode goodnotes

Edit mode:

goodnotes edition mode

12. Move pages

GoodNotes 5 has another view which is very practical for move pages and create favorites, it's an overview of your digital calendar. To access this view, tap the icon with 4 small squares in the upper left corner. A window with all of your thumbnail pages appears.

When you press the small arrow at the bottom of each page , you will find a menu with several options. Select what you want to do. You can also move pages by sliding with your finger.

move pages in goodnotes app

GoodNotes features and folder management

All these features of GoodNotes make all the take daily notes , whether for your diary or for your studies. In GoodNotes, you group all your documents and can organize them into various folders and favorites.

In the GoodNotes application you can group several documents. You can do anything organize into various folders , as well as favorites for quick access.

You can find the models of planners, notebooks and journals digital to use with the GoodNotes app in our shop .

The application also offers the possibility of share a document with other users to take notes together in the same file.

You can duplicate digital files as many times as you like . This is what makes digital planning even more attractive!

document management

favorites in goodnotes

shared files in goodnotes

This is particularly interesting when you are purchasing undated digital diaries , because you can use them year after year. You can also duplicate and reuse any notebook, notepad or journal. I recommend keeping a file with a library of original copies and returning whenever you need them.

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I hope this article allows you to get the most out of your digital calendar and your note-taking. GoodNotes is an application that is quite complete with which you can be quite creative and definitely have great planning!

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