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How to Choose the Best Digital Planner for You in 2024

Whether you're new to the world of digital planning or a seasoned pro, each year presents its unique set of challenges, particularly when selecting the digital companion that will guide you through the months ahead. As a solopreneur myself, I understand the significance of this choice in maintaining motivation and organization across both professional and personal spheres.

In the vast world of digital planners, the possibilities seem endless, making the choice even more complex. I realize this abundance of choice can be intimidating, especially for those new to digital planning.

That's why I'm sharing this article with you, a guide designed to help you understand current digital planner trends in 2024 and simplify the selection process.

I understand that the first steps in digital planning can be daunting. However, rest assured that this article is here to make this transition easier.

Whether you're attracted to the flexibility of an undated planner or are looking for a super-featured dated planner, I'm here to guide you in selecting the model that best fits your needs and digital lifestyle.

What is digital planning?

How to choose a 2024 digital planner

Are you looking for a new organizational tool and have you just discovered digital planning?

If so, let me enlighten you on the basics.

Digital planning involves using digital planners on an Android tablet or iPad, accompanied by a note-taking application and a stylus. These digital planners, also called digital diaries, are actually digital versions in PDF format of traditional paper diaries.

The idea behind digital planners is to recreate the tangible experience of a paper planner. So you manually enter your notes, tasks, projects and goals, ideally using a digital pen on your tablet.

Your calendar is used via an interactive PDF format with a PDF annotation application of your choice.

What is an interactive PDF?

One of the most enjoyable features of digital planners is their interactive side! These are designed with hypertext links which facilitate quick and intuitive navigation through the pages of your diary.

Each planner has tabs and buttons to quickly access specific pages such as months, weeks, days, and other important sections. In most apps, you'll find a "Read Only" mode that lets you click on links.

iPad and tablet compatibility

The question that comes up most often concerns the compatibility of a digital planner with different brands of tablets, phones or computers. Just like any other PDF file, you can open your digital diaries and notebooks on any tool, as long as it has an application allowing annotation of PDF files. It's as simple as that.

To delve further into this fascinating subject, I recommend that you take a look at my article: Understanding digital planners, an introduction to digital planning.

iPad and tablet compatibility with a digital planner

Synchronization of digital calendars

One of the main motivations for adopting a digital calendar is the desire to effectively synchronize plans between different devices.

However, it is important to note that a possible limitation may arise if your tablet, phone and computer belong to different brands, thus preventing them from syncing the same calendar application.

It is crucial to understand that this limitation is linked to the diversity of personal tools rather than to a constraint inherent in the digital diaries themselves.

Although synchronization between devices from various brands can pose a challenge, it is important to emphasize that this constraint is generally not the main reason for switching to a digital calendar.

Despite this consideration, you will be amazed by the many other possibilities offered by digital planning , going beyond simple synchronization between devices.

Benefits include deeper organization, efficient task management, and increased personalization of your scheduling experience.

Digital planners and their compatibility

It's important to note that digital calendars are not compatible with apps like Google Calendar or Notion. This incompatibility arises from the PDF format.

However, it is crucial to understand that this limitation is inherent to the nature of digital planning, seeking to replicate the deliberate experience of referring to one's calendar to consult one's schedule or important annotations, just as one would do with a paper version.

I would like to point out that the products supposedly linked to Google Calendar are actually just hyperlinks that open the application. To embed information, you will need to manually add the text and time, as no action is automated, and nothing updates automatically.

That said, this does not prevent the simultaneous use of your Google Calendar to manage your appointments, thus offering the best of both worlds, digital and paper, for optimal organization.

Why do we suggest using a digital diary with a tablet and a stylus?

Switching to a digital diary with a tablet and stylus offers a unique experience, combining the practicality of a paper diary with all the advantages of digital.

The ultimate goal of this transition is to promote fun use, like handling a traditional diary, but with modern benefits.

However, it is essential to emphasize that using a digital planner is not limited to handwriting . You have the option to opt for keyboard text entry, providing flexibility to suit your personal preferences.

The choice between using the stylus or keyboard depends entirely on your individual preferences and your willingness to invest in the necessary tools.

2024 digital planner InMotion Planner

Which predefined templates to use in digital planning?

In the world of digital planning, pre-built templates play a vital role, providing a variety of options to meet individual needs. Just like in a traditional stationery store, digital stationery offers various types of products.

To ease your transition from paper planning to iPad/tablet planning, I present to you the digital planning templates available.

Digital Planners

How to choose a digital calendar in 2024

Digital planners are a perfect solution for those who prefer to write without having to carry around paper planners. They come in two main categories: dated and undated.

Undated planners offer the flexibility to use them year after year, with the option of adding the dates yourself. On the other hand, dated planners are linked to a specific year or period, which helps you be more responsible for following your schedule throughout the year.

Digital planners can also come in two different orientations: vertical or horizontal, depending on personal preference for portrait or landscape orientation.

They are subdivided into weekly planners or daily planners. Some models can even combine the two.

  • Weekly planners are focused on weekly planning, providing an overview of tasks to be accomplished, priorities, and keeping you on track.
  • Daily planners have a dedicated page for each day, allowing detailed tracking of events, tasks and important notes.

Digital journal

InMotion Planner digital journal

As a complement to weekly and daily planners, digital journals add a captivating dimension to your digital planning experience.

Unlike planners, these journals focus on specific themes, actively encouraging the practice of journaling. They stand out for their approach without side tabs, thus promoting continuous immersion in the content.

Digital journals are carefully crafted to support your journey in particular areas of your life, whether that be personal development, tracking goals, daily reflection, or even tracking daily habits.

By exploring this category, you have the freedom to choose the digital journal that best resonates with your needs and aspirations, thereby personalizing your digital planning experience.

Digital notebooks and notepads

Digital notebooks and notepads are specially designed for creatives, students, avid organizers. They provide an organized space to collect all your notes.

Personally, I particularly enjoy notebooks for logging my daily thoughts, planning new products, and taking notes during online training courses.

When you purchase a product from the InMotion Planner store you have access to several notebooks and notepads to help you organize your notes.

This happens in the VIP Collection and you receive access information by email.

Digital stickers: a touch of creativity

Digital stickers, also referred to as digital stickers, are pre-designed images or graphics that can be integrated into digital planners or diaries to infuse color and personality into your notes and events.

Their concept is similar to that of physical stickers that you affix to a notebook or paper diary, but with an entirely digital dimension (PNG format), offering infinite reuse.

Digital stickers are a fun and easy way to personalize your digital planner, making it more attractive and pleasant to consult on a daily basis.

Whether adding a vibrant pop of color or expressing your personality through milestone events, these stickers visually enrich your digital planning experience.

Digital inserts

Digital inserts, also known as digital inserts, are pre-designed pages that simplify your organizing process.

Similar to traditional page templates added to a physical binder, these digital inserts provide personalized flexibility in the digital world. Imagine a customizable digital binder where you can select and organize pages according to your needs and goals.

These pre-designed pages, available in PNG format , can be added as images to a blank page of your digital planner or digital notebook . Digital inserts provide an adaptive and universal solution, enriching your digital planning experience.

When you purchase a product from the InMotion Planner Store, you also receive access to a library of free products, including various notebook designs, notepads, inserts, and digital stickers.

How to choose the ideal digital planner for 2024?

Each of us goes through different phases of life, with specific planning and organizational needs. Faced with the diversity of digital planners available, it can be difficult to make the right choice.

To guide you in this process, I have developed a short questionnaire. By answering these seven questions, you will be able to target your needs and refine your search.

The 7 essential questions:

Dated or undated planner? - Do you prefer a planner with pre-set dates or do you want the freedom to set your own dates over time?

Main objective of your planner? - What will be the main objective of your digital planner? Is it for tracking daily tasks, project management, or perhaps creativity and self-expression?

Preferred orientation on tablet? - Do you like to write in portrait or landscape orientation on your tablet?

Essential page types? - Do you prefer weekly planning for an overview or daily planning for more detailed monitoring?

Extra or specialized layouts? - Are you looking for special layouts, like sections dedicated to goals, habits, or other special elements?

Favorite visual style? - Do you prefer a colorful and dynamic planner or more sober and refined?

Acceptable price range? - What is your price range for a digital planner?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be ready to begin your digital calendar search. Keep in mind that most people have multiple digital planners for different uses.

Also, if the first choice doesn't suit you perfectly, don't lose hope. Digital planning may require some adjustments before you find the perfect planner for you.

Which InMotion Planner digital calendar should you choose?

InMotion Planner Store products are specially designed to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, travellers, and anyone looking for a digital solution to increase productivity.

Our digital planners provide effective planning for your personal and professional projects, while emphasizing personal development and well-being.

Now that you have a thorough understanding of digital planning, let me give you a practical overview of our products. This guide will guide you in choosing the InMotion Planner digital planner that is perfectly suited to your needs.

The InMotion Planner Product Guide

The Life Coach Planner - 2024 digital planner (vertical and horizontal)

2024 digital planner for note apps

This 2024 digital planner combines the essential aspects of planning and productivity. Dated from January to December, it offers hypertext links for quick access to the daily pages from the annual calendars.

With pages dedicated to monthly, weekly and daily planning, as well as special sections for a global vision of your 8 areas of life, this planner promotes optimal productivity.

Main Features :
  • Category: Planner dated from January to December 2024
  • Number of pages: 600
  • Goal: Balance in all aspects of professional and personal life
  • Orientation: Portrait/vertical or landscape/horizontal
  • Type of pages: Monthly, weekly, daily
  • Specialized pages: Wheel of life diagram, Life projects — 8 areas, Monthly Vision Board, Monthly review, Well-being (Habit tracker), Notes
  • Style: Minimalist with 4 tab options: Rainbow, Black, Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Main advantage: Hypertext links for quick access to daily pages, all planning pages and addition of specialized pages.

      Find out more about the 2024 Life Coach Planner in the full article .

      Positive Routine Journal - 90 days

      Positive Routine Journal - 90 days

      This undated digital journal is meticulously designed to guide you over a 90-day period through an enriching experience focused on gratitude, defining your life mission, and daily personal growth.

      The daily pages are optimized for adopting journaling and establishing a routine focused on personal development.

      Main Features :

      • Type: Undated digital newspaper
      • Number of pages: 200
      • Main goal: Journaling, daily routine focused on personal development, goals and reflections
      • Orientation: Portrait/vertical
      • Type of pages: Day and night daily pages
      • Style: Minimalist
      • Main benefit: Personal development journal to boost confidence, creativity and motivation. Repeat every 90 days.

      Discover all the details of the 90 Days Journal in our store .

      Journal Bucket List

      The Journal Bucket List invites you to explore and record your deep aspirations and bold dreams. This digital tool provides a dedicated space to express your aspirations, set inspiring goals, and track your journey towards achieving your dreams.

      Main Features :

      • Type: Undated digital newspaper
      • Number of pages: 490
      • Main purpose: Journaling, life aspirations, writing down experiences and memories
      • Orientation: Portrait/vertical
      • Type of pages: Lists and dream description pages
      • Style: Minimalist
      • Main benefit: Creative life journal to list experiences, trips and activities.

      Discover all the details of the Journal Bucket List in our store .

      Everyday digital stickers

      Digital stickers, also known as digital stickers, are images in PNG format to decorate and personalize your digital diary or notebook. The collection of everyday stickers adds color and fun notes to your planning.

      Main Features :

      • Type: Digital Stickers
      • Objective: Decorate and personalize your digital planner
      • Use: Add colorful touches to your notes and events

      To find out more about Digital Everyday Stickers, visit the product page .

      How to use an undated digital planner?

      Undated digital planners or journals are flexible tools that are not specifically linked to a given year or period . With blank date fields in monthly, weekly and daily pages, you have the freedom to add dates as per your convenience.

      This feature makes undated digital planners extremely adaptable, allowing you to start your planning at any time of the year and reuse them from year to year.

      Since digital planners are PDF files, it's easy to use them from year to year. Simply keep a copy of the planner and duplicate it each new year.

      Then, simply add the dates into the pages as you use them, providing seamless continuity in your organization over the years.

      Which note-taking apps are best for digital planning?

      To get started with digital planning, the choice of PDF annotation application is crucial. Here is a selection of recommended applications for your iPad or tablet, depending on your operating system:



      Although Goodnotes 6 is also available for Android, it is important to note that the app does not yet support hyperlinks on this platform.

      Hyperlinks are essential for smooth navigation between the different pages of your digital planner, which can make the experience less convenient without this feature on Android.

      Choosing the best digital planner for 2024

      As a user of traditional paper planners, if you are looking for a paperless lifestyle , then digital planning may be the best solution for you.

      Or even if you've never used a paper planner in the past, digital planning is a whole new experience. Adopting them will help you achieve any new level of planning and goal setting.

      I hope you find digital planning useful in your life. For my part, this was a complete game changer for me! I use my digital planners every day, and I am much more disciplined and on the lookout for my life plans .

      If you're looking for inspiration, I suggest you follow me on Instagram ! Every week you will find new inspiring videos and publications.

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      Explore now the InMotion Planner digital planners dedicated to note-taking applications for iPad and tablet.

      Join our community of passionate digital planners and discover how you can improve your productivity and organization in style!

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