Comment atteindre efficacement ses objectifs sur 90 jours

How to Effectively Achieve Your 90 Day Goals

Are you an entrepreneur who has lots of ideas , but doesn't know where to start? Have you ever made a plan to achieve a goal , but didn't follow through? Then the 90 day method should interest you. To succeed in any entrepreneurial project or objective, you must take into account two important points: clarity of the concept and time management . This is why we are going to show you all the steps to achieve your 90-day goals. Business leaders like freelancers have tested and approved it . This article aims to provide you with all the useful information on this technique, in order to define and achieve your ambitions. Follow the leader !

The 90-day goal strategy for effective time management

“If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan, and guess what they have planned for you? Not much. » JIM ROHN

Why are 90 days more productive than 6 months or even 1 year? After all, developing a major project takes time, and 90 days might not be long. Like the seasons which also operate in cycles, this strategic phase will allow you to achieve your aspirations. Here are the reasons:

The 6 benefits of short-term planning


A period short enough to encourage you to fulfill your obligations and long enough to succeed in your ambitions. Contrary to long-term objectives, we tend to procrastinate, postpone our work, become demotivated, or even doubt our project. Thanks to a short cycle, your possible concerns disappear, because you are immersed in your procedures and your deadlines to respect.


You must stay focused and therefore you prioritize your actions. As a result, you will be able to stop all interruptions and concentrate on the essentials of your tasks. This way, you capitalize on your energy, instead of wasting it unnecessarily.


You become flexible and adapt easily to unexpected events. During Covid-19, many companies had to find solutions quickly to avoid going out of business. Moreover, long-term projects have aborted because of little visibility into the future. With short deadlines, you use creativity and responsiveness to problems, stay the course and see you through to the end.


The more you complete your missions, the more you move towards your goal, which allows you to stay motivated until the end of your cycle. No more doubts, since you concretely see after each task completed and each week spent that you are progressing and that the finish line is close.


When you maintain rigor and effective organization, you improve your skills. Because you will step out of your comfort zone to manage your team, develop active listening to your customers, strengthen marketing strategies, etc. You will perfect techniques that are essential to the development of your business.


Either you complete your 90-day goals successfully or you learn from your mistakes. With memorized lessons, you will know which path to take to succeed. Furthermore, if you find that your idea did not meet your expectations, then you will only have lost 3 months. You will be able to start a new objective by starting on good foundations and towards a new direction.

Simple steps to follow to complete your projects

First, you need to have a vision of the outcome you want to achieve. Otherwise it's like you're setting an intention or making a New Year's resolution like many people do. You know how they regrets. In addition, our reptilian brain tends to panic or exaggerate the magnitude of the work when the idea remains vague. Clarifying your purpose will allow you to identify the resources essential to accomplish it… or not. Here are the steps to follow:


During this moment, avoid censoring yourself, indicate everything that comes into your head, both superfluous thoughts and those that make sense. Then, sort the most relevant ones. During this step, remember to determine why each goal is important to you.


If you have opted for a project that requires more time than the 90 days, cut it into small pieces and into several cycles.


By choosing two or three goals, you can focus on your real priorities. Remember that achieving goals over 90 days is a pretty short period of time to get spread out with too many goals.


Think about the challenges and actions you need to take to achieve your goal. Then you will integrate them into your 90 day journal . If you don't know the steps to follow, rest assured, you can start with one task which will lead you to another and so on.


Write a report once or twice a week to measure your progress. Producing a report on your work gives you the opportunity to immediately see what is working and what is not. In addition, this will also allow you to become aware of the relevance of the methods you use and to adjust them if necessary.


You will share with him your commitments and the results obtained. Choose a person who supports you morally in your activity, this could be a friend or a member of your family or your team. As you will be held accountable, you will be forced to provide conclusions, which will help you meet your obligations.


Determine how you can measure your success. At each successful step, congratulate yourself! This boosts your self-confidence, your determination and encourages you to go further.

As you must have understood so far, planning your goals over 90 days has an impact on both your work and your mind. Thanks to this more or less short cycle, you will remain focused and dynamic throughout your program. You will use your time productively for visible effects. To achieve a goal, it must meet certain criteria. We see this right away.

The SMART method for effectively defining your objectives

For an action plan to work, you need to define clear outcomes. You may have heard about the SMART method during your studies or when you were an employee in a company. You will find that this process, when understood and applied, brings real impacts to your business. For the realization of any project, the key is precision. The more you state your actions and your deadlines to respect, the more you will obtain the expected effects.

There are five important points to take into account. Your mission must be: specific, measurable, ambitious and achievable, realistic, time-defined. Don't worry, we'll find out in detail:

– S for specific

Your goal should answer the following questions: who? What ? How ?

Instead of “I am learning to use an action plan”, prefer “I use the SMART method to create my commercial offer”

– M for measurable

Measuring your goal is essential to achieving it.

“I’m going to prospect to sell my services,” but rather “I will contact 5 clients every morning from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to offer my services.”

– A like ambitious and achievable

Your goal must challenge you without appearing unattainable, as this could discourage you. We advise you to find the right balance so that your efforts bring you mini-victories that boost your motivation.

– R for realistic

We tend to want to perform several activities in too short a period of time. Either we underestimate the duration of the task or we overestimate our ability to produce a certain number of them. So, avoid injunctions such as: “I contact 30 clients per day and sign 5 large contracts per month. »

Take a few moments with paper and pen or tablet and stylus to note down your constraints: time, capacity, environment and money. This way, you will know if you have all the resources to operate or if you need to find them.

– T as in temporal

This is the most important part of the process. This is the one that will push you to reach the finish line. Setting a deadline for your idea and your tasks will encourage you to stay on course, avoid procrastination and make it easier to take action.

Therefore, a precise and realistic objective allows you to produce appropriate actions and thus save time to meet your deadlines. We decided to share a nugget with you to put all the chances on your side. You are about to know the influence of writing in the completion of your projects.

The importance of writing for effective results

To realize your vision, put it in black and white is powerful. I also advise you to read the article: How to keep a journal for greater success . This creates a noticeable cognitive impact. It's like making a contract with yourself. Scientific research shows that writing down your goals allows the two hemispheres of our brain to connect through the corpus callosum. Thus, an exchange of information takes place and facilitates the coordination of the operations to be carried out. Everything that is written registers in your unconscious and leads you towards action.

In fact, a kinesthetic memory is triggered by the movements of the hand to hold the pencil, by noting each of the letters on the paper. You can use a tablet and a stylus, it produces an identical effect, because you reproduce the same gestures, unlike the computer keyboard.

Moreover, millionaire Grant Cardone, author of the best-seller “ The 10X rule ”, advises writing down and reading your goals morning and evening. Through this daily routine, you anchor your objectives in your brain which will give you the relevant ideas to accelerate the realization of your programs.

Last tip for achieving your 90-day goals

You now know all the techniques to use to carry out your professional projects. Thanks to the triptych: 90 day goals + SMART method + writing , you will obtain significant results. Everything then becomes possible, since with the experience and successes already accomplished and accumulated, you know that you can start again. Besides, you will be able to embark on this project which seemed so difficult to you not so long ago.

To make it easier for you to put the advice given in this article into practice, InMotion Planner offers you the 90 day journal . The latter brings together the essential steps to establish your action plan combined with the power of digital journaling.

Have you just discovered our website? You can read about digital planning on iPad or tablet in the article: What you need to know to transition to digital diary .

If this topic helped you, share it with people who would benefit from it.


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