le meilleur planner digital pour s'organiser en 2023

The Best Digital Planner to Get Organized in 2024

Each new year, an ocean of possibilities opens before us, promising opportunities for personal growth and success. In search of organization and efficiency, here is my ultimate advice to realize your projects and ambitions: make the informed choice to adopt the best digital planner 2024, your essential ally in the quest for organization and productivity .

Come and discover the 2024 Life Coach Planner, much more than a simple tool, it is the companion towards a fulfilling year where your dreams take shape and your personal and professional goals become reality. Welcome to a year where every day is planned with precision and every moment is a step towards success and well-being.

Why get organized with a digital planner?

Why get organized with a 2024 digital planner

I could simply tell you to adopt a (paper) planner or diary, but a digital planner has little extras that will change the game of organization and motivation in the long term.

To begin with, a digital planner is a digital version (in PDF format) of a paper planner. You can use a digital planner with a note-taking app on an iPad or Android tablet using a compatible stylus .

Remember that as a PDF file, digital planners are compatible with any device/app that allows you to import and annotate PDF files.

InMotion Planner is a digital stationery, as a designer, I create diaries and journals like traditional stationery, but in digital format.

Here is what a planner can do for you:

The goal is for you to be able to be completely intentional about your time management.

  • Have all your notes, tasks and personal and professional goals planned with an overview in monthly, weekly and daily pages.
  • Help you manage your goals, household chores, work tasks all in one place.
  • Be more creative and productive, take your notes as you go and keep track of all your ideas and activities.
  • A planner or diary is above all a traveling companion and a personal coach who helps you remove mental overload and achieve your goals.

So, why a digital planner?

I wrote an article exclusively dedicated to this question and you can read it here: the 9 main advantages of adopting a digital planner.

But to answer the question about the organization angle, I can tell you that a digital planner is a tool that accompanies you everywhere. Plus sheets of notes that scatter or even the numerous diaries everywhere (one at work, another at home, in the car, etc.).

Using a digital planner on a daily basis helps me effectively plan my work week and my various personal tasks.

You can have everything in one place, in your iPad or tablet . And above all, with a digital planner the possibilities are limitless !

Finally, a digital planner is there to support and guide you throughout the year. The only thing you need is to stick with it (at the end of this article, I'll give you my tips for using it regularly!).

But above all, the secret to keeping a diary all year long, week after week, is to choose the best digital planner to get organized in 2024.

How to use a digital planner?

How to use a 2024 digital planner

The first thing to know before getting started with a digital planner (PDF file) is that you should be well equipped with a tablet, a stylus and software to annotate PDF files.

I receive a lot of questions about the compatibility of a digital planner with all possible tablets. For my part, I don't know all the tablets on the market, but I know my product.

The answer is the same, regardless of your device: what you need to know is that a digital planner is simply a PDF file. So, for you to use it on your tablet, you just need to check that your tablet can download and annotate PDF files.

My advice before purchasing a digital product is to test and become familiar with a note-taking application.

I shared in another article my application recommendations, I suggest you read and discover more about these applications.

You will find several options and it is a very personal choice, as well as depending on your device and budget.

Trick : Most applications are quite intuitive, but if you want to go further I advise you to search for YouTube videos. It's the quickest way to learn how to use an app. Then it's practice, try things for yourself.

Once you feel confident with your tablet and an app, choosing a planner is easy. I assure you that getting started is much simpler than you think, The most important thing is to take the first step .

For my part, my favorite application is Goodnotes 6. I wrote an article to show you all the possibilities of digital planners and note applications: Understanding Digital Planners, your introduction to digital planning.

Which digital planner should you choose to organize your life in 2024?

Which 2024 digital planner to choose - The Life Coach Planner from InMotion Planner

Choosing the right digital planner can transform the way you approach planning and organization. In 2024, among the multitude of options, the Life Coach Planner - Digital Planner 2024 stands out as the essential tool. In this article, I explain in detail the features that make this planner an unrivaled reference.

The InMotion Planner 2024 Digital Planner redefines planning by integrating monthly, weekly and daily planning pages, giving you a complete view of your schedule.

But it does not stop there. With great features such as the wheel of life diagram, space for life projects, monthly goals pages, well-being, time block, review, notes, it goes beyond the simple daily organization.

2024 Monthly Planning Pages

Complete planning: the 2024 Life Coach Planner goes beyond simple daily organization. It allows you to plan your monthly events, detail each week, and structure your days efficiently.

Special pages for advanced organization: In addition to its standard planning pages, the planner offers a variety of additional pages to meet all your needs.

Explore sections dedicated to life projects, the wheel of life diagram, monthly goals , well-being , time blocking , assessment, and notes. These pages are designed to be flexible, allowing you to duplicate and customize them to your specific needs.

Productivity and integrated life areas: the 2024 Life Coach Planner is not limited to organization. It integrates aspects of professional productivity, but also by offering you the opportunity to follow your aspirations in the 8 areas of life.

Discover how this planner adapts to your personal and professional needs, giving you a centralized space for all facets of your life, from your career goals to your well-being.

Dive into the details of each unique aspect that makes the 2024 Life Coach Planner your ideal companion for a productive year.

The 2024 Digital Planner offers you the diagram of the wheel of life

The wheel of life diagram in the 2024 digital planner

In its quest to provide a complete planning experience, this new 2024 Digital Planner introduces a powerful feature: the Wheel of Life diagram . This unique visual representation divides your life into eight key areas, providing a holistic perspective of your well-being.

Each segment of the wheel corresponds to a vital aspect, such as career, relationships, health, creativity, and many others. By rating satisfaction in each area, you get an instant visual overview of the balance in your life.

Use this valuable tool to identify areas that need more attention, set targeted goals, and chart a path to a more balanced life .

Before diving into the details of your life plans, take the time to explore and understand your wheel of life. This is the first step towards strategic planning and a life more aligned with your deepest aspirations.

Discover the 8 key areas of your life with the 2024 Life Coach Planner

At the heart of the 2024 Life Coach Planner lies a holistic approach to planning. Explore in depth the 8 essential areas of your life, a unique aspect that sets this digital planner apart from others.

Each area, carefully integrated into the structure of the planner, represents a fundamental pillar of your overall well-being.

Professional Life (Work & Career, Money & Finances): Establish clear career goals and map out the steps needed to achieve them. Also follow your personal financial aspirations.

Creative Life (Physical Environment and Pleasures & Leisure): Nurture your creative side by improving your physical environment and exploring pleasures and hobbies that stimulate your creativity.

Social and romantic life (Family & Friends, Couple & Love): Cultivate meaningful and fulfilling relationships. From quality time with family and friends to romantic moments, this section guides you to maintain a healthy balance in your relationships.

Development and Well-being (Personal Growth and Health & Vitality): Explore your potential, define your personal aspirations, and track your growth. Also take care of your physical and mental health with wellness goals.

These examples will help you visualize the types of goals and aspirations you can set in each area of ​​your life.

Professional life (Work & Career)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “Achieve the position of team leader in my current company by implementing innovative initiatives and honing my leadership skills .”

Professional life (Money & Finances)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “Save enough to build an emergency fund and start investing in financial opportunities to ensure long-term stability.”

Creative life (Physical environment)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “ Transform my workspace into an inspiring environment by adding artistic elements and organizing the space to maximize productivity."

Creative life (Pleasures & Leisure)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “Explore a new passion or leisure activity, whether it be painting, cooking, or playing a musical instrument, to broaden my creative horizons."

Social and romantic life (Family & Friends)

  • Example of aspiration for 2024: “Organize at least one family meeting per month to strengthen family ties and spend quality time with my loved ones."

Social and romantic life (Couple & Love)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “Plan regular romantic getaways with my partner and dedicate time each week to special activities together."

Development and Well-being (Personal Growth)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “Take a course or personal development program every quarter to learn new skills and broaden my horizons."

Development and Well-being (Health & Vitality)

  • Example aspiration for 2024: “Adopt a healthier lifestyle by incorporating a regular exercise routine and planning balanced meals to improve my physical and mental health."

The “Life Projects” pages of this planner are used to help you create your own guide for the whole year. Add your aspirations, goals in text or images for inspiration. Return to these pages throughout the year and primarily at the beginning and end of each month to help you stay focused on your projects.

How to use the different planning pages of the 2024 digital planner

Planning for January 2024

The annual calendar and monthly calendars

The 2024 annual calendar offers an overview, allowing strategic planning of significant events, deadlines and appointments over a full year.

In addition, these pages have direct hyperlinks to the days and weeks , providing quick and easy access throughout the year.

Monthly planning pages

Monthly planning pages detail your month ahead, providing a clear view of your goals and key tasks.

These pages are the ideal space to orchestrate important events, establish priorities, and maintain your focus on selected areas of life.

By defining an overall theme or goal for the month , wisely choose 1 to 3 areas of life to highlight, thus creating a strategic framework for your activities.

Identify the essential tasks in your personal and professional life to organize your month with a global perspective of concrete objectives.

These monthly planning pages serve as a guide, providing a strategic approach and a common thread to direct your actions throughout the month.

Weekly pages

Weekly planning with the 2024 digital planner

Weekly pages are specially designed to orchestrate your week in an organized way. Create weekly to-do lists while taking into account the larger goals of the current month.

This effective tool offers short-term planning, giving you a view of your week for consistent execution of tasks and projects.

With the monthly calendar located at the bottom of the page, quickly access the daily pages with hyperlinks to get a detailed view of your month at a glance.

Daily planning pages

Organize your day in detail, planning each hour and writing down essential tasks. Start by defining your primary task , then list up to four other secondary and additional tasks.

By structuring your day in this way, you maintain a clear path towards your daily goals and optimize your productivity. This methodical approach is particularly effective in maintaining optimal concentration throughout the day.

These sections of the 2024 Life Coach Planner offer you complete flexibility to adapt your planning to your needs, ensuring personalized and effective use of each page. It is recommended to regularly revisit your priorities to adjust your calendar according to your developments and aspirations.

Perfect balance: well-being and productivity with the Life Coach Planner

In the search for the optimal balance between well-being and productivity, the 2024 Life Coach Planner stands out with its carefully designed additional pages.

These pages go beyond simple daily planning, providing a holistic experience for taking care of yourself while pursuing your goals.

Monthly Vision Board

Cultivate a positive outlook using the Vision Board page. Gather images, inspirational quotes, and visual goals to create a graphic representation of your aspirations. This monthly page allows you to stay focused on your dreams throughout the month.

Read the full article to get inspired to create your Visions Boards: Create a Successful Vision Board, the Complete Beginner's Guide .

Monthly goals

The Monthly Goals page is a versatile tool that allows you to set goals for every area of ​​your life . Whether you focus on all 8 areas or 1-3 priority areas, this page guides you in setting clear, achievable goals.


Prioritize your well-being with the dedicated page. Create a positive affirmation for the month, define specific actions for your well-being, track your habits, your sleep, and even your symptoms . You will also find spaces to record your medications and supplements.

Time Blocking

Time blocking with a 2024 digital planner

Optimize your time with the Time Blocking page. Create a weekly chart to organize and plan your schedules for the current month. It is a powerful tool for effective management of your time and commitments.

Monthly review and notes

Take stock of your month with the Review page. This is an opportunity to celebrate your successes , reflect on what worked well, and adjust your goals for the next month . Notes pages provide additional space to capture your ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.

The 2024 Life Coach Planner is not just a planning tool; it is a companion who takes care of your well-being while helping you achieve your goals.

These special pages are designed to nourish your mind and productivity, creating the perfect balance for a fulfilling life.

What are the steps to get started with your new 2024 Planner?

Switching to a new planner can be a rewarding experience, and with the 2024 Life Coach Planner, each step is designed to help you start the year off on the right foot.

1 - Explore the 2023 Bilan Journal:

  • Accompanying your new planner, the 2023 Review Journal is a valuable bonus companion with the 2024 Digital Planner. Take the time to explore this journal, reflect on the experiences of the previous year, and learn lessons to better plan 2024.

Take stock of 2023 to prepare for 2024 with an agenda

2 - Choose your cover page:

  • Personalize your experience by choosing from the 10 stunning cover pages available. Simply drag your favorite to the top of the file, whether on Goodnotes or another application.

Personalize your 2024 digital planner with Goodnotes 6

3 - Analyze your wheel of life:

  • The Wheel of Life exercise is a crucial step. Rate your level of satisfaction in key areas of your life. Use this analysis to feed your “Life Projects” section in the planner, thus defining specific objectives for each area.

4 - Get to know your digital planner:

  • Take the time to go through each section and page of your planner. Familiarize yourself with the different pages and layouts to optimize your user experience.

5 - Enter the important dates:

  • In the annual and monthly calendars, note all the crucial events and dates for the year. Also highlight these dates in the annual calendar for quick reference.

6 - Plan the month of January 2024:

  • Focus on the first month of the year. Use the dashboard and tabs to navigate through the monthly sections. If you have professional projects on the horizon, register them now. Create your Vision Board and write down your January goals.

7 - Organize the first week:

  • Before moving on to the days, detail the first week. Plan your tasks, align them with your professional and personal projects if necessary. This will allow you to approach January 1, 2024 with clarity and intention.

And there you have it, you are ready for an organized and fulfilling year in 2024!

Tips for using a digital planner regularly

Tips for using a planner regularly

You have chosen the best digital planner to organize yourself in 2024, and now you only have one thing to do: use it regularly.

You have prepared your 2024 digital planner for the start of the year following the steps in the previous point?

The next thing to do is to make sure you refer to your digital planner regularly.

Personally, I have gotten into the habit of checking my calendar 3 times a day.

Obviously you can get your rhythm back, but that's my recommendation.

  • In the morning: I always start by looking at my diary, my schedule and my weekly task list. Then I write the daily page. In the daily pages of the 2024 Digital Planner, you can also start the day by writing your focus for the day and a gratitude. Next, set your tasks and schedules for the day. Also plan time for your physical activity or moment of well-being.
  • Early afternoon: after your meal, before returning to work, take a few minutes to check that you are following your plan for the day. Check off the tasks you have completed.
  • In the evening: check off the tasks you accomplished in the afternoon. Reflect on your mood and state of mind throughout the day. Finally, give a rating to your day. Do you have tasks that you haven't been able to finish? Place them in the following day. Plan a few elements of your next day in the evening to start the next day off right.

Don't forget to put on paper (digital) all the things that clutter your brain. This little tip will help you unwind and rest.

You can use the weekly journal page at the beginning of the week to organize the week ahead.

The key to success with anything in life is consistency and discipline .

Conclusion: the best digital Planner for 2024, your guide to fulfillment

Digital planner, 2024 digital agenda with motivational and fulfillment stickers

By concluding this journey through the 2024 Life Coach Planner page templates, I hope to have ignited the flame of your enthusiasm for the best digital planner of 2024, a year ahead full of planning, personal growth and balance .

This digital planner is not just a tool, but the ultimate life companion that guides you through the ups and downs, helping you achieve your goals and cultivate lasting well-being.

The power of planning is how it turns your dreams into concrete actions.

By leveraging the monthly pages to define your aspirations and goals, exploring the different areas of your life through the Wheel of Life, and organizing your days with the special wellness and planning pages, you are ready to transform 2024 in a truly exceptional year .

Every aspect of the 2024 Life Coach Planner has been designed to inspire, motivate and transform your daily life. You embrace a unique approach to planning, emphasizing the seamless fusion of well-being and productivity.

I am convinced that this year will be marked by memorable achievements and moments of happiness.

Prepare to embrace each day with clarity, intention and the certainty that you have the best digital planner for 2024 as a reliable ally in your corner.

Let the InMotion Planner 2024 digital planner be the guide that leads you to the year you deserve. Here’s to a year full of success, personal growth and continued happiness. Welcome to your year, welcome to fulfillment!

One Planner, two layout options

Discover the Life Coach Planner - Digital Planner 2024 in two distinct layouts - vertical and horizontal - offering the same richness of content! Choose the format that suits your preference.

Further personalize your experience by choosing from four side tab color palettes: rainbow, black, sunrise, and sunset . If indecision persists, do not hesitate to contact me to receive test pages !

The 2024 Life Coach Planner - horizontal planner

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At the core of my mission is to provide innovative solutions, enabling everyone to enhance their personal and professional lives using top-notch digital tools. Explore InMotion Planner digital planners designed for note-taking applications on iPad and tablet devices.

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