les applications de prise de notes telles que Goodnotes, Notability et Noteshelf, la synchronisation entre les appareils iOS, Android et Windows

Understanding Digital Planners: Your Introduction to Digital Planning

Digital planners, also called digital diaries, are a booming subject, particularly in the English-speaking world. However, in the French-speaking world, their functioning may still seem mysterious to many.

If you're wondering how these tools that look so similar to traditional paper planners actually work, how they interact with different devices and note apps, and how to manage synchronization and compatibility between them, then this article is for you.

In this article, I explore the world of digital planners in depth, looking at essential aspects such as note-taking apps such as Goodnotes , Notability and Noteshelf , synchronization between iOS , Android and Windows devices, differences between digital planners and electronic planners , and much more.

You'll find out how to choose your app and sync your notes , as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions about these digital tools.

Understanding Digital Planners

Digital Planner InMotion Planner

Digital planners are the answer to our increasingly technology-driven world. They combine the convenience of traditional paper-based planning with the flexibility and versatility of electronic devices. The main idea is simple: use PDF files to recreate the look and feel of a paper planner within commercially available note apps.

Technology at the service of planning

Note-taking apps were originally designed for digital annotations, specifically for students. But their use quickly expanded to digital diaries thanks to the creativity of users.

Developers of apps such as Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, Xodo, Penly, among others, have responded to this growing demand by providing updates to better meet the needs of digital planner users.

Understanding the Digital Planner ecosystem

To understand digital planners, it is essential to distinguish between the creators of digital planners, such as InMotion Planner (your source for digital stationery products), and the developers of note-taking apps, as well as the makers of digital planners. 'electronic appliances.

Note-taking apps are just one way to use digital planners, and each user should understand how their own device works, as there are a wide variety of options on the market.

Digital diaries vs electronic diaries

It is essential to understand the difference between digital planners and electronic diaries. InMotion Planner products and other digital planning products are PDF files designed to enable writing and drawing using an application that supports the pen . They reproduce the experience of a paper diary, but with the advantages of digital.

These benefits are the note-taking features of the apps, like handwriting, colors, adding images, copying and pasting text, moving text, duplicating pages, and everything that allows you to personalize your notes.

If you are looking for a fully automated solution, such as Google Calendar, with automatic reminders and notifications, digital planners will not meet these expectations.

Note apps: Goodnotes, Notability, and Noteshelf

In the world of digital planners, certain applications stand out, notably Goodnotes , Notability and Noteshelf .

These apps provide a smooth note-taking experience and are especially popular among iOS (Apple) users. They allow advanced customization and intuitive use of digital planners.

Screenshot of Goodnotes 6 app for IOS Screenshot of the note-taking app Notability Screenshot of Noteshelf note-taking app

Differences between iOS and Android/Windows users

It is important to note that there are significant differences between iOS (Apple) and Android/Windows users when it comes to digital planners:

Compatibility with Apple

Screenshot of the Goodnotes note-taking app website

  • Synchronization between Apple devices: Synchronization between Apple devices is possible with applications such as Goodnotes, Noteshelf, or Notability, which are among the best note-taking applications for Apple. However, this only works when using the same app on devices linked to the same ID.
  • The Apple ecosystem was a pioneer in the adoption of digital planners and has become particularly popular in the United States. It is in the United States, thanks to the popularity of Apple devices, that this trend has emerged, although other brands are also working on improving their performance in various areas.

Synchronization between Android, Apple and Windows

  • It is not (yet) possible to sync your notes between Android and Apple , as each platform uses its own separate apps, storage systems (cloud), and identifiers. Currently, technology does not allow this interconnection between devices or applications from different systems. But this is being improved and new updates are planned.
  • Synchronization between Android devices: You can use an Android compatible application in your different devices with synchronization as long as you can download them in your devices with the same IDs and storage.

Compatibility with different platforms

Compatibility of digital planners varies depending on the platform you are using. For Apple and iOS users, apps like Goodnotes, Notability, and Noteshelf provide a high-level experience.

However, for Windows and Android users, the options are more limited in terms of quality, but you will find some good apps like Xodo , Penly and Samsung Notes .

Screenshot of Noteshelf App website

Noteshelf also has versions for Android and Windows , it is the application that I recommend for users of these systems. Noteshelf has launched a partnership with Samsung for better integration and compatibility.

Goodnotes recently launched versions for Windows and Android , but for now, they are not recommended for digital planners due to some technical limitations, such as the lack of hyperlinks .

Goodnotes plans to release an update that will allow syncing between devices on different systems, but this is not yet available and does not have a scheduled date. When this is implemented, you will need the same Goodnotes identifier on your different devices.

Discover the new AI features in the new Goodnotes 6 version .

For Apple users with iPhones, Macs, and iPads, it's possible to continue your notes seamlessly from one device to another, thanks to the consistency of the Apple ecosystem.

Synchronization between different note apps

Synchronization between separate applications remains unlikely. Each application remains independent. If you plan to change your digital planner from one application to another, you will not be able to recover your notes. Test apps and choose a digital planner once you've decided on your favorite app.

Personalizing handwritten notes

Screenshot of the Notability app website for note-taking customization

Note-taking apps offer exceptional customization for your handwritten notes . You can easily change the color, erase, select items to move, copy and paste from one page to another, add images and decorate your notes according to your preferences.

How you select and move notes depends on the specific features of the application you are using, but in general the basic functionality is very similar from one application to another.

In summary, digital planners are a great way to combine the convenience of the paper planner with the power of digital technology .

By understanding how they work, their compatibility and their use, you will be able to get the most out of these tools for effective planning of your personal and professional life.

Test and find out for yourself

One of the best ways to understand digital planners is to try them yourself. Testing the apps for yourself is the best way to see if the note-taking features work for you.

You can download several trial apps to your devices for free and test them with or without the products offered by InMotion Planner.

The free products I provide allow you to discover a sample of our creations, which you can use with your favorite applications and devices.

Ready to dive into the world of digital planners? So, start by downloading an app and explore this world of digital planning at your own pace.

With a little practice, you'll be able to optimize your organization and increase productivity, whether you're a paper planner enthusiast or new to digital planning.

Read the article: GoodNotes features for top planning

InMotion Planner planning products

InMotion Planner is a digital stationery brand. As the founder and creator of digital planners, notebooks and journals, I offer products designed for people who are passionate about productivity, organization and personal development .

I create the planners carefully, choosing the design, page order, hyperlinks and months using document creation software. Once the file is finished, it is converted to a PDF file.

After placing the order on the store, you will receive a link by email to download your product and then import it into your favorite application on your iPad or tablet. You will be able to personalize your diary or notebook with your notes using a stylus.

Dated digital planners

When you buy a dated product, it usually covers a full year, from January to December . This information is clearly stated in the product description, as well as the list of available pages.

For those following the school year, you'll also find planners specifically designed for this period, generally covering August through July . You can find all detailed information on the product page in the InMotion Planner online store .

Undated digital planners

It is important to note that there is no automation in the use of digital planners. You will need to manually add dates and information, just like you would with an undated paper planner.

Using these planners is intentional and fun, similar to using a traditional planner. The main advantage of undated planners is their flexibility. You can keep a copy of your undated planner and reuse it from one year to the next.

File ownership

When you purchase our PDF files, they are yours for personal use. However, it is important to note that you may not distribute, resell or share these files. They are intended for individual use and should not be transferred to other people or used for commercial purposes.

Answers to common questions

Now, let's review some frequently asked questions regarding devices vs note apps vs digital planners:

1. Synchronization between Applications

Q: Is it possible to sync notes between different apps?

A: No, it is not possible to sync notes between different apps, as each app works independently. You will need to re-import your calendar and start again in the new application.

2. Synchronization between Android and Apple

Q: Can you synchronize your notes between Android and Apple?

A: No, syncing between Android and Apple is not yet possible due to differences between the two platforms. However, for Apple users with iPhones, Macs, and iPads, syncing is possible thanks to the consistency of the Apple ecosystem. Goodnotes is planning an update that will allow synchronization between different ecosystems, but there is no release date for this update yet.

3. Digital diaries vs Electronic diaries

Q: Are digital planners electronic diaries?

A: No, digital planners are designed to look like paper planners, but they are actually PDF files intended for use with note-taking apps. If you are looking for a fully automated calendar solution, you should opt for a calendar app or software like Google Calendar.

4. Duration of dated products

Q: How long do dated products last?

A: A dated product will generally cover a full calendar year, from January to December. This information is clearly stated in the product description.

5. Automation in Digital Planners

Q: Do digital planners allow you to automatically add dates?

A: No, digital planners are not automated. You will need to manually add the dates, just like you would with an undated paper planner.

6. File Ownership

Q: Who owns the digital planners’ files?

A: Once you purchase a PDF file, it is completely yours. You can use it however you want, including making copies and adding pages even from one year to the next, it's your personal file. However, you cannot share these files with other people, this remains strictly personal and individual use.

7. Personalizing handwritten notes

Q: Can handwritten notes be personalized in a digital planner?

A: Yes, you can easily customize your handwritten notes in note-taking apps. You can change the color, select items to move, copy and paste, add images, and decorate your notes according to your preferences.

If you still have questions, I have a page dedicated to the most frequently asked questions , feel free to read to delve further into the concept of digital planning.

The best of two worlds

In conclusion, digital planners represent an innovative fusion between the efficiency of traditional paper-based planning and the flexibility of the digital world .

They allow you to create a personal and creative agenda, while leveraging the power of technology. By understanding the basics of digital planners, their compatibility with different platforms, the personalization of notes, and their lack of automation, you are ready to explore this exciting world.

Whether you're a fan of paper planning or a novice looking for better organizational methods, digital planners offer a unique solution to meet your needs.

Start by downloading a note-taking app, explore your options, and discover how these tools can improve your productivity and simplify your daily life.

Digital planners have the potential to revolutionize the way you manage your tasks, projects and goals. So, don't hesitate to dive into this exciting world of digital planning, and take advantage of all the advantages it offers to maximize your efficiency and organization.

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Join our community of passionate digital planners and discover how you can improve your productivity and organization in style!

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