Roue de la Vie et le Planner digital 2024 : atteindre l'équilibre de vie

Wheel of Life and The 2024 Digital Planner: Achieving Life Balance

The quest for balance in our hectic lives is a universal search, a continuous journey towards integral well-being. It is from this perspective that the Wheel of Life emerges as a powerful tool. In this article, I explore in depth the meaning of the Wheel of Life and share how I incorporated this meaningful exercise into the InMotion Planner 2024 Digital Planner.

Understanding the Wheel of Life

Diagram of the Wheel of Life how to use it to find balance in life

Much more than a simple graphic representation , the Wheel of Life offers a holistic vision of our existence , segmented into specific areas.

These segments capture crucial aspects of our lives , providing an overview that makes it easier to evaluate and reflect on our current situation.

The various models of the Wheel of Life

The wheel of life diagram

Various models coexist, each highlighting specific facets of life . Some focus on career, relationships, health, or spirituality.

The choice of a model depends on individual preferences and personal aspirations, thus providing flexibility that makes the Wheel of Life relevant in different situations.

You can find inspiration on Pinterest .

The Wheel of Life in the 2024 Digital Planner

Life balance with the 2024 digital planner from InMotion Planner

At the heart of the 2024 Digital Planner, I have integrated a Wheel of Life model , encompassing eight essential areas.

This diagram of Life encourages you to plan beyond traditional aspects such as career and finances . It also embraces the physical environment, leisure, family and romantic relationships, personal growth and health .

This model is also divided into 4 main sections: professional life, creative life, social and romantic life and development and well-being .

Wheel of life: professional life, creative life, social and romantic life, development and well-being with the InMotion Planner digital planner

This holistic approach allows you to consider every facet of your life in a balanced and complete way.

The eight areas of life

InMotion Planner Wheel of Life
  • Work & Career: Job satisfaction, growth opportunities, academic development.
  • Money & Finances: Financial stability, spending habits, financial goals.
  • Physical environment : State of your living or working space, your daily lifestyle, and the places you want to discover.
  • Pleasures & Leisure: Quality of free time, activities that are sources of joy, relaxation.
  • Family & Friends: Family and friendly relationships, quality of interactions, support.
  • Couple & Love: Health of the romantic relationship, communication, emotional investment, self-esteem.
  • Personal growth: Commitment to personal development, new experiences, continuous learning.
  • Health & Vitality: State of physical and mental health, eating habits, physical activity.

Guide to using the wheel of life in the 2024 digital Planner

The Wheel of Life diagram with the 2024 digital Planner in Goodnotes 6
First, start filling out the Wheel of Life Diagram in your planner:
  1. Assessment: Rate your level of satisfaction in each of these eight areas. Use a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 represents the lowest satisfaction and 10 the highest satisfaction.
  2. Mark the diagram: In each section corresponding to an area, mark the level of satisfaction you attribute to that area. Use a highlighter to clearly indicate your rating. Have fun choosing different colors, one for each area.
  3. Connecting the Dots: Once you have marked all eight sections, connect the marked points to form a diagram. This will give you a visual representation of your current life balance.

I show you how to complete the Wheel of Life in a YouTube video .

Results interpretation

A perfectly round wheel would indicate perfect balance between all areas of your life, while an irregular shape suggests imbalance.

Think about the areas that have the lowest scores and consider where you might focus your efforts to improve your satisfaction and balance.

  • Celebrate successes: Identify areas of significant progress and celebrate them.
  • Identify obstacles: Identify obstacles and plan corrective actions.
  • Plan corrective actions: Develop a concrete plan to overcome obstacles.

Align your energies: your ideal level for life balance

Professional personal life balance with a digital Planner

After assessing each area, take the time to define your ideal level for each category. Every facet of life requires a varying amount of attention at different times.

Identify the ideal level for each category and mark these scores distinctly on your Wheel of Life. Choices and compromises will have to be made, because time and energy are precious and limited resources.

With each segment of your Wheel of Life assessed, the next crucial step is to consider your ideal level for each category.

Understanding that balance does not always translate into an even distribution of time is essential.

Certain areas require more attention, depending on the circumstances and phases of your life.

Determine the ideal level of attention for each category, then write those scores on your Wheel of Life with distinctive nuances. Given the scarcity of time and energy, choices and compromises will be inevitable .

The crucial issue is to define the level of attention that would be ideal for you in each area. Don't forget to also mark the "ideal" scores around your Wheel of Life to clearly illustrate your aspirations.

You will also find a second page there Where I want to be at the end of the year » , which can serve as a guide to the improvements you want to incorporate into your Wheel of Life.

    Analyze the results to take action

    Your Wheel of Life becomes a personal work of art, visually capturing your current and ideal balance. Analyze your results according to the defined criteria.

    This in-depth reflection guides you towards an in-depth analysis of your results according to these criteria:

    • Scores from 8 to 10: A round of applause is in order! You bathe in satisfaction in this particular category.
    • Scores 5-7: A respectable level of satisfaction, but delve into innovative ideas to amplify your score.
    • Scores from 0 to 4: An alarm bell is ringing. Marked dissatisfaction in this area requires immediate exploration of ways to restore balance.

    Identify areas requiring special attention. Start with the categories left out , developing actions to restore balance.

    For areas that are currently eating up your energy and time, think about what you can stop doing or delegate.

    Carefully evaluate each gap between your current life balance and the ideal . The key is immediate action. Commit to changes today and track your progress. 

    Taking action with the Life Projects section

    Life Projects 2024

    Once your Wheel of Life assessments are completed in the 2024 Digital Planner, the adventure towards a balanced life continues with the Life Projects section.

    This section, a real dashboard for each area , offers dedicated pages where you can not only record your thoughts, but also bring your aspirations to life .

    You can add inspirational images , motivational quotes, or any other visual source that embodies your goals.

    In addition to this, there is space dedicated to creating a detailed action plan to improve every aspect of your life during the year 2024.

    These pages are not simply static spaces, but rather dynamic guides to sculpting a successful year. They serve as a constant reminder of your aspirations and help you stay accountable to your own goals .

    One of the great strengths of this approach is the ability to update these pages as the year progresses . It is an evolving tool that grows with you, reflecting your journey and your adjustments over time.

    In summary, the Life Projects section in the 2024 Digital Planner is not just an extension of your analyses, but rather a creative space where you write the scenario for your coming year .

    Take control of your destiny, get creative , and use these pages as a catalyst for meaningful transformation in every area of ​​your life.

    Taking stock: comparison with the ideal balance

    The Wheel of Life in the 2024 digital Planner on iPad and Goodnotes 6

    The Wheel of Life offers a snapshot of your well-being. Complete this exercise regularly, ideally every 6 months, to chart your progress. Duplicate the page in your digital planner.

    Once a specific period of time has passed, take the time to return to your Wheel of Life. Carefully compare the results obtained with your ideal aspirations.

    This detailed assessment provides a robust foundation for meaningfully evaluating your progress. You are able to detect the progress made and adjust your steps accordingly.

    A recommended practice to maximize your progress is to revisit your aspirations and objectives each month, and to plan actions in the Monthly Objectives page of your 2024 Digital Planner. The ideal is to choose 1-3 areas to focus on in the month in progress.

    This proactive approach allows you to make adjustments in real time, taking into account changes in your life and your priorities.

    By regularly updating this section, you ensure a constant match between your ambitions and reality , thus optimizing your efforts towards a rewarding life balance.

    Adapt your style: personalize your experience with the 2024 Digital Planner

    It is essential to emphasize that there is no universal correct or incorrect method for integrating the Wheel of Life into the 2024 Digital Planner.

    Everyone can adjust the way they approach this exercise based on their personal preferences. You have the freedom to choose how you document your assessments and develop your goals.

    The key is flexibility and personalization of your approach.

    Take the time to experiment with different ways of expressing yourself through your planner and choose what resonates best with you.

    The most important aspect lies in the regularity and sincerity of the use of your planner , adapting it over time to best reflect your evolving needs and aspirations.

    The key is to make this experience an authentic expression of your journey toward life balance.


    By integrating the power of the Wheel of Life into the 2024 Digital Planner, we are shaping more than just a year. We create a living canvas where every assessment becomes a color, every aspiration becomes a line, and every life project becomes a motivation.

    The usefulness of the Wheel of Life in the 2024 digital Planner , The Life Coach Planner, goes beyond a simple exercise, it is an opportunity to bring our aspirations to life . Through every assessment and every action plan, we knit the fabric of an exceptional year.

    The adventure of holistic balance in the 2024 Digital Planner is an invitation to create a year of personal accomplishments . It is an opportunity to take control of our destiny, stimulate creativity, and forge a life that is fulfilling in all its aspects.

    In this coming year, may the Wheel of Life in our planner become the accomplice of our aspirations, a faithful guide towards balance and personal achievement. With each assessment, each action plan, we weave the fabric of our own success, and this is how we carve an unforgettable year.
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